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Poster Printing London:

Do you want to print posters? If you are looking for posters, there are numerous online printing companies, but where do you print or print the cheapest posters? The exact office website has been set up specifically for this purpose, to compare various online printers in order to find the cheapest printer in London.

Poster Printing London Orders  in different sizes

Regardless of the size of the poster needed, we print posters in any format. Standard formats are A3, A2, A1, A0, B0, B1 and ABRI, but other formats are also possible. Black photo frames can also be ordered with posters. They are made of aluminium with a glass front. Show options quickly in our online order form!

Poster Printing London: High-quality posters: choose your paper type:

In this print shop, we work with high-quality paper and sophisticated printers so that your posters are always of professional quality. The type of paper you choose for your posters strongly depends on what you want to use the posters for. Would you like to have a poster printed outdoors? Then use paper such as Nevertear or polyester. Paper types such as 170 g / m² satin and 350 g / m² (cardboard) are very suitable for indoor use.

Poster in a frame

The perfect finish for your best photos. If you want to get even more out of your photo poster, consider one of our high-quality photo frames. Decorate your photo with a frame and create a beautiful highlight for the wall. Choose from 18 high-quality frames and professionally cut Passepartout.

For the following formats:

2: 3 ratio: 20 × 30, 30 × 45, 40 × 60, 50 × 75 cm

Panorama ratio: 20 × 60, 30 × 90 cm

Square ratio: 20 × 20, 30 × 30, 40 × 40, 50 × 50 cm

Beautiful print quality and brilliant colours

Exactoffice Photo Posters have, apart from a great price, also great, professional quality. With the satin gloss poster, for example, your photo is printed on 240 g / m² art paper with a 12-colour printing process. Due to the flawless print quality and beautiful lighting, you have a truly high-quality and unique photo product in your hands that you can say against.

Posters and wonderful alternatives:

One possibility is to print your photo or image as a classic poster. This is our simplest variant. Exactoffice only uses high-quality types of premium and photo paper. These photo posters are light and easy to roll up. Your photos will also shine beautifully on every wall. So, if we want high-quality work for Poster Printing in London then you can avail this service which we mention above.

You can also choose an aluminium poster at Exactoffice. When you print your photos on such a poster, the aluminium plates to which it is attached make it even more luxurious in execution. The latest and most luxurious options for printing your poster is as a photo on acrylic glass or Gallery print. Due to the thick acrylic that is attached for the poster, your photo looks almost three-dimensional! The effect is staggering and an absolute eye-catcher.

In addition to posters, Exactoffice has more options for making your photos on the wall come into their own. The photo on canvas and photo on wood have become classics among our popular photo gifts. Curious about our other products? Take a look at our website. Thanks to our customer-oriented photo service you always get value for money.

Why would you print a poster at Exactoffice?

Since the end of the nineteenth century, the poster has gained popularity at breakneck speed. Nowadays the poster is indispensable from the street scene or many households.

Have you been looking for a poster of your favourite band, model for a long time or would you like to see your friend hang over your bed? Then you are at the right place at Exactoffice! With them, you can easily have your own photo or image printed as a poster with of course a great result! Exactoffice is a real mecca for poster lovers: you can have your own unique poster printed in different ways and in various formats.

How do I design and order a photo poster at Exactoffice?

You can design your photo poster quickly and easily via the website, the Photo World Software or with the Photo World App. First, you select photo posters, then the desired paper type and size and then you can add your photo. After you are satisfied with your design, go to the shopping cart.

Can I also order a photo frame for my poster?

You don’t have to go to a deco or furniture store with the precise centimetres in mind for a photo frame. You can order a photo frame directly. Our photo frames are dust-proofed, so you don’t have to worry about that either! Photo frames are available in 18 different variants for posters with dimensions from 20 × 20 cm to 90 × 30 cm.

How do I create a photo poster with multiple photos?

You can also make photo collages from your photos via the website, software and app! This means that you do not have to place just one photo on a poster. We have many different layouts that you can choose from, so you can put dozens of photos on your photo poster

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