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Digital Printing Services in London – Get Your Booklet Printed Right First Time Whether you need a booklet printed for an upcoming business event or a brochure for a sales pitch, London has a bewildering array of printers and digital book creation services to choose between.

We can’t help you pick one of the myriad options on offer in the capital, but we can give you some top tips to organise your project before you get to the printers, and to pick the right finishes and bindings on the day.

If you’re looking for booklet printing in London, here are the most important things to keep in mind before you start shopping around:

Organise Your Layout It goes without saying that before you get anywhere near the printers, you’re going to need all of your assets clearly laid out and formatted correctly. You’ll rack up extra costs and end up with an inferior product if you leave design and layout choices to the printer.

Choose the Best Images Low resolution images always look terrible when printed. If you can’t get a high resolution copy of an image, either ditch it entirely or go to a stock image website and download something of higher quality to use in its place.

Judge Your Book by its Cover In the era of social media and limited attention spans, a booklet’s cover image needs to on point. It must immediately grab the attention of the prospective reader, and give an instant flavour of what you’re offering. Make sure images are bright, snappy and interesting. Also make sure you keep the title font legible and tasteful.

Orientation: This is largely dependent on the type of booklet you are planning, but in general, landscape orientations are best for image heavy booklets, whilst portrait better suits text based offerings.
Pages Count Depending on the type of booklet layout you’re after, you’re going to need to pay attention to the page count:

Think in terms of pairs of pages, and how they sit next to each other. Don’t forget that the cover is technically page one. Also keep in mind that a booklet is a series of folded pages. You can’t have a single sheet in the middle of the composition!

Paper Weight and Finish Heavier paper weights are more luxurious, but can force the booklet to pop open if you try and stuff too many inside. A good booklet printer should advise you on this, but it’s still worth thinking about before you choose.

The finish of the paper itself is also important: Glossy or matte finishes lend very different looks and feels to the finished article. Try and think about what best suits your audience.

Choose the right sort of binding Technically, a leaflet has no binding at all, and a booklet is something smaller than a proper book. You need to keep that definition in mind because the amount of pages (and paper weight) influences how the finished item will be bound together.

Thinner booklets use simple staples as a spine, whereas if you need lots of pages, you’ll have to budget for more expensive adhesives and a “proper” card spine.

Conclusion: If you have your layout properly formatted and you keep in mind the various bindings and finishes available, then choosing booklet printing in London should be a simple task. With modern digital printing techniques, you’ll be able to achieve the sort of finish that used to be the reserve of professional magazines and publishers.

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