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Creative Ideas for your Personalised Mug

Personalised Mugs are a great item to own and be creative with. There are many ways to make your mug more attractive for use or even serve more than one purpose. For your personlised mugs London, here are some creative tips that you can adopt.

1. Picture Display

Your mugs can serve as a way to display pictures of yourself, your family, a family vacation or even your pet. You can have the photos carefully painted or wrapped in a panoramic view that covers the whole sides of the mug.

2. Inspirational Words and Quotes

If you’re a sucker for motivation and inspirational things, you may also like to inscribe beautiful or favourite quotes on your mug. You can choose from a large pool of fonts and colours. You can also accompany them with a photo if you like. Now, that’s a personalised mug!

3. Get Crafty!

Dabble in some DIY methods of using personalised mugs London style and brighten up your home decor. Need ideas?

Try creating planters

You can make your personalised mugs into portable plant pots. Some cacti will brighten up your room just fine.

Make your mug into a DIY bird feeder

If you have birds or like to have them around and feed them, you can make your mugs into feeders by filling them up with bird food or treats.

Use your mug to set up your desk tidy

If you’d like to set up your reading desk with your personalised mug London style, you can use your mugs as a portable desk tidy to hold pens and paper clips.

Your mugs can be anything from a candle holder to a mug cake maker to a snack holder. It all depends on how creative you want to be with them! Need high-quality personalised mugs London?  Get in touch with us!

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